Why use our service

ABM is a professional UK company for sourcing and supply of a product. We focus on your success. So it brings success for us as well

Why you choose us as your ‘representative buying house’ in the UK

  1. ABM has a dedicated sourcing team. They are always attentive to any special need you may have.
  2. We believe long term partnerships with you. The low-quality short-term gain is not desirable.
  3. Systematic quality control at the origin of the goods and follow up until the process end.
  4. Our good communication policy is to keep you informed every step of the way.
  5. We maintain a wide range of manufacturers, wholesalers & distributors sources. Information on wholesale clearance sale, stock lot, auction gives our buyer an opportunity to buy a product at a cheaper price.
  6. A systematic work procedure is followed (how do we work). It ensures the right product at the right delivery time.
  7. We will be working as your Overseas Connecting Point in London so that you can not miss any global opportunity.
  8. We arrange everything for you to come to the UK for procurement & meeting with the seller. Our two websites on Travel guide & flight hotel search are helpful on this occasion.
  9. ABM provides a service to our overseas buyers who would like to buy a property in the UK. We also manage the buyers’ properties here.
  10. ABM follows and expects others to follow Non-Disclosure Agreements. We respect and insist on all party involved to protect our clients’ ideas, patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
  11. The main person behind ABM UK has an extensive Business Management experience. He has been with the manufacturing company, consumer retailing and sourcing company business for many years.

ABM works for you and grows with you

Contact us to see what we can do for you. You may wish to visit about us page to know more.

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