Sourcing and Supply Services for UK EU Products: Our Services & Fee

We connect the global buyers with EU and UK Sellers. We have excellent contacts with British and European producers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

We also know where the products are selling on clearance, discount & have a cheap price offer

1. Sourcing Services: UK EU Product for Global Buyers

  • Sourcing the right UK EU products in the UK & EU’s countries
  • Find out the right Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler
  • Locate the Wholesale Clearance sale, Stocklot or Auction for the products the buyers looking for.
  • Ensures the right products at the right price from the right seller for the right buyers
  • Our service Fee: Minimum £20 for supplying the seller information to the buyers.2. As Buyers’ Representative: Buying House

2. Representative Buying Office, we look after your total procurement from UK EU. It includes

  • Sourcing Service (as stated above# 1)
  • Final the Product price and Quantity
  • arrangement of physical inspection on quantity and quality
  • providing all logistic support so that our buyers get the right products at the right time
  • Visit the Factory or Product stock
  • Arrange Meeting for the buyers with the sellers
  • Hotel and Transportation Arrangements for the buyers
  • Translation and Advisory Services during Business Meetings
  • Helping in an arrangement of payment and delivery via Air, Sea or post.
  • keeping contact with the existing suppliers
  • Provide Information on Product price, Stocklot, wholesale clearance on a regular basis
  • Our service Fee: Minimum £50 but depend on the extension of job

3. Product supplies at Buyers’ end & also buy the organic products from overseas

For a private buyer or small business,

  • We Sell & buy the products
  • Organics Herbs & Health Supplements products for Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood circulation, Hair, Skin, Energy, Vitamin, Mineral,
    Organic Spices
  • Send the products to the buyers by courier/Air

4. Information services for Buyers

Our regular buyers get our valuable information service on

  • Products availability
  • Products price trend
  • Consumer trend
  • Wholesale clearance, Stocklot & Auction on specific product

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We believe in the best because we believe our clients deserve the best.


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