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ABM is a Sourcing and Supply services UK company. It is registered in England, United Kingdom. We work as the representative of a global buyer for sourcing of a UK product and supply. Apart from it, we also manage their UK travel and property in the UK fairly and squarely.

Like as “Buying House” we manage the whole UK procurement. We find out the right UK producers, distributors, wholesalers for their products.  At the Buyers’ preference, we send the leaflets on wholesale clearance sale, stock lot or auction.

You may read our complete Sourcing and Supply Services here We developed two websites London Guide & Cheap Air and Hotel to serve our International buyers in a better professional way. These websites become popular with UK travellers.  

“We believe in the best because we believe our clients deserve the best”

ABM UK Mission:

ABM UK ensures the competitiveness of our customers through minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of quality products by sourcing diversified UK market and employing best industry practice in the areas of people, operations and customer care. We target to provide a complete service to make our customers worry-free.

ABM UK Philosophy:

We measure our success by the success of our clients and we believe every challenge is an opportunity. We put our customers at the forefront of recognizing and respecting their values, with a view to meet their requirements and making their sourcing, a valuable one.

ABM UK Vision:

The corporate vision is to become a competitive, qualified and competent Trading House Company by having well-managed resources and networks both in domestic and overseas

Contact us with no obligation mentioning which product you are going to buy at what specification and quantity. We, as a sourcing and supply services UK company, committed to providing you with the best services in a professional manner.

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