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ABM sources buy & supply UK products to global buyers. As a ‘representative buying house’ in the UK, we provide a complete procurement service. We also manage our buyers’ UK travel & property.

We have excellent contacts with British and European producers, distributors and wholesalers. Meet with them through us. Our team know where the products are selling at a cheaper price on clearance or discount.

“We believe in the best because our clients deserve the best”

1. Sources buy & supply UK products

  • Sourcing the right products in the UK & EU
  • Find out the right manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler
  • Locate the wholesale clearance sale, stock lot or auction
  • Ensures the right price for the right products

Our service Fee: Minimum £20 for supplying the seller information to the buyers.

2. Complete procurement solution as a ‘Representative Buying House’ in the UK

Manages total UK procurement like as follows:

  • Sourcing Service (as stated above# 1)
  • Negotiate the product price and the quantity
  • Physical inspection of the quantity and quality of the products
  • Providing all logistic support so that buyers get the products at the right time
  • Visit the Factory or warehouse
  • Helping in payment and delivery arrangement
  • Keeping contact with the existing suppliers
  • Provide information on Product price, Stocklot, wholesale clearance on a regular basis

Our service Fee: Minimum £50 but based on extensive of job

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Our total services

3. Manages buyers UK travel & property

  • Arrange UK Travel for overseas buyers
  • Arrange a meeting for the buyers with the sellers
  • Hotel and Transportation arrangements for the buyers
  • Translation and advisory services during Business Meetings
  • Sightseeing for buyers
  • Arrange to buy property in the UK for a global buyer and manage

We developed two travel websites for our UK visitors. They become popular with travellers.

londonvisit is a tour guide. London travellers get all the information what they need for visiting London
flightlondon is a popular price comparison website for flight & hotel. Visitors get the cheaper option here.

4. Information services for Buyers

Our regular buyers get valuable information from us

  • Products availability
  • Products price trend
  • Consumer trend
  • Wholesale clearance, Stocklot & Auction on specific product

5. Others: Online Sales etc.

  • We sell & buy the health supplements products
  • Organics Herbs & Health Supplements products for Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood circulation, Hair, Skin, Energy, Vitamin, Mineral,
    Organic Spices

For any specific service, please contact us with no hesitation. We are ready to accommodate those services for our international buyers. You may wish to visit about us page to know more.

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