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How we do sourcing a product

With respect to sourcing, ABMUK follows the following procedures to get the assignment successfully completed. We believe step by step systematic approach brings success. ABMUK does the following main sourcing jobs

•Receives Product enquiry
•Sourcing a Product
•Vetting of Factories
•Production of Samples, both Initial and Pre-Production
•Placement of Orders
•Inspection of Goods on Production Line
•Follow up for ensuring product receiving at Buyer’s point- Shipment from base country to target country via Sea or Air, or Door-to-Door Upon Request, Customs Clearance, logistics Services.

First Stage: Introduction for initial report

We start work soonest we receive buyer’s query. Whether it is new type of product or usual product, we locate best prospective Manufacturers and Distributors from our sources.

Our process is designed to work with the information you provide, from there we will find the goods that meet your requirement. So it is important to provide
– Product name/Product Bar Code
– Product Description/specifications
– Product standard expected
– Quantity Desired
– Target Price
– Product Photo/sketch
– or a sample if possible

Our product sourcing services are totally custom-made and cost effective

An initial report is generated with a view to match your product criteria and preference.

The report may include:
– Name of Products
– Specifications
– Product Standard
– Price List
– Evaluation of manufacturer and its history

At this stage we do not disclose manufacturers’ or seller’s names unless they are one of our Partners. This report generally incur no charges.

Second stage: Sampling

If buyers feel comfortable to go forward after 1st stage report, we provide samples when request is made and upon payment of corresponding sample costs, delivery and import duty fees.

Third stage: Business/Market/Manufacturing Intelligence

Carry out a careful intense review of both Buyer and Sellers business capabilities:
– General business conduct
– Credit history
– Association involvement
– Factory production capacity
– Factory Management ability
– quality assurance procedure
– general pricing policy,
– product development capability,
– operational ethical standards

Charges for this stage will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

At this stage: We offer following services for buyers’ convenience:
– Arrangement for physical visit
– Arrangement of meetings
– Arrangement of Flight, Local Transport (Taxi, Train etc)
– Accommodation and Food arrangement
– Arrangement of translator if needed

Fourth Stage: Placing Orders

Once Buyer is satisfied and happy to go with our supplier, Buyer then can confirm and place a written order with all terms and conditions.

Fifth Stage: Order Execution and completion

We will provide you unique Clients ID for our clients’ management system from where you will be known every steps of work. We will update you regularly with the progress of your order and communicate any relevant news that may be of interest to you.

– Product roadmap
– Assign a responsible person
– Quality monitor
– Tracking of every stage and progress to meet the delivery deadline
– Finally quality check, quantity & other standard meet-up
– Follow up transportation and logistics arrangement

We believe in the best because we believe our clients deserve the best.

ABMUK believes-‘5R’
Right Products to Right Buyers from Right Suppliers in Right Time with Right Professional Approach

We measure our success by the success of our clients and we believe every challenge is an opportunity

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Contact us with no obligation for which product you are going to buy or sell. If you are not buying at this moment, we would request you to keep our information in your record may you need us in future or send us your details so to update you about the business trend time to time.

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